Container Drayage Services

We have the most comprehensive drayage Hauling import and export cargo services in the transportation industry carrier servicing the all Florida port, means you get the equipment when you need it is an important part of our service. We maintain interchange agreements with all steamship lines serving the ports of Miami, Everglades, etc. Also, we have interchange agreements with Railways as Florida East Coast (FEC).

We pride ourselves with our integrity, fast & reliable services for this reason, Transtar’s owner is the Dispatch Coordinator of the Container-Drayage services; also, we have all truck’s drivers with GPS system in the container, transportation and local trucking to serve you more efficiently

“The quality shows in every move we make”

We provide the world-class innovation and thinking to keep you ahead of your competition

Warehouse Services

Transtar Trucking offers custom warehousing alternatives for all companies’ small to large. With our strategic warehouse locations, we provide scalability, flexibility, lower liabilities, as well as the most complete and cost-efficient warehouse and logistics options. This enables our customers to handle ever changing business needs minus the hassle of being locked into a long-term, fixed warehouse space obligation

Transtar Trucking provides a secure and safe warehouse for logistics, distribution and storage needs. Whether you need bulk storage for very large items or specialty products, pallet storage for commercial and bigger items or vault storage for household goods, we have the solution for you. Customers that choose to do business with Transtar Trucking do so because we offer warehouse services on both a short or long-term basis.

Distribution & Transportation Services

We provide our clients with the most cost-effective, custom solutions by the distribution, transportation and delivery services. It’s a combination of services and dedication that allows us to satisfy the demands of daily and seasonal volume fluctuations, time-sensitive deliveries, and special packaging needs to keep your product moving as promised

Here at Transtar Trucking, the transportation services are about more than just getting the job done. Our logistics specialists analyze and design custom supply chain solutions to meet the demands of an ever-changing market. They’re about providing a worry-free experience that contributes to the customer’s overall success.

“Trust. Transparency. Tranquility”

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The quality shows in every move we make


Trust. Transparency. Tranquility


About Us

Transtar Trucking Inc
has the main objective of to achieve excellence through a daily improvement in our services and efficiency. We are focused on developing long lasting business relationship and not one-time transactions and to provide a positive experience for people and businesses that rely on the distribution of its products in our hands.


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